Preparation of a business plan

A business plan is a detailed written document outlining the essential aspects of a business concept. This includes information about the company's purpose, the products or services offered, the relevant markets, as well as the goals and strategies of the business.

The focus is on the future development of the company and should cover a timeframe of three to five years. Both opportunities and risks must be carefully considered in the business plan.
Typically, the purpose of the business plan is to persuade external investors and secure capital for the company. A well-crafted business plan is crucial for successful negotiations with potential funders. The content presentation, language formulation, and appealing layout are of utmost importance. However, it is important to emphasize that every aspiring entrepreneur, regardless of whether they need external capital or not, should think about the topics that belong in a business plan in order to be successful.

When creating the business plan, attention should be paid to who the document's target audience is. The reader should be presented with information that is easy to understand and quickly accessible. Depending on the various stakeholders, it may be necessary to adjust the contents of the business plan. It is advisable to avoid technical details and jargon or to explain them in detail, as the reader may not have industry-specific knowledge.

Especially with banks, business plans are usually read and evaluated by back-office staff with whom the entrepreneur usually has no direct contact. Information not included in the business plan may be lost. Therefore, completeness is of great importance, without losing focus on the essential information.

Creating a business plan requires time for data collection, information processing, and document creation. It is quickly apparent whether you have taken the effort to thoroughly understand your company or not.

We are happy to provide comprehensive support in creating your business plan, starting from conceptualizing your ideas to the application process.