What is an Audit Report?

An audit report is a document that contains essential information about your financial evaluation and serves as evidence of your financial status.
When is an Audit Report Needed?

An audit report is often required to support various applications with LABO Berlin. The most common purposes include:

Visa Applications: If you intend to travel to Germany and require a visa, an audit report is often a prerequisite to demonstrate your qualifications or financial situation.

Residence Permits: For foreign citizens wishing to stay in Berlin for an extended period, an audit report is often necessary to substantiate your eligibility for a residence permit.

Work Permits: If you wish to work in Berlin, an audit report may be required to demonstrate your qualifications and skills.

Citizenship Applications: When applying for German citizenship, an audit report can play a crucial role in assessing your integration and contribution to society.

How Do You Obtain an Audit Report?

To obtain an audit report, you generally need to successfully complete specific examinations or procedures. For this, we require the following documents:

  1. The request letter from the Foreigners' Office (with processing number).
  2. Tax assessments for the last three years (if available).
  3. Your latest tax declaration (anticipated for the year 2014).
  4. Insurance policies for your health and pension insurance.
  5. Bank statements showing payments to your health and pension insurance.

We may also require the annual income tax certificates for the last three years and all salary statements for the current year.

Permanent Residence for Self-Employed or Shareholder-Managers

If you are applying for permanent residence as a self-employed person or as a shareholder-manager of a GmbH, you must submit the annual financial statements or profit determinations for the last three years as well as the business management evaluations (BWA) of the current fiscal year for review.

Additionally, the following documents must be provided:

  1. A current excerpt from the commercial register.
  2. Copies of the business registration and any changes in business registration.
  3. The original tax clearance certificate from the tax office.

For freelancers requiring an audit for submission to the Foreigners' Office, bank statements showing your fee income are also necessary.

We are here to assist you in ensuring that you submit the required financial documents correctly and promptly to the respective authorities. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.