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Germany is a pioneer in business

Germany is the engine of the European economy. Investors benefit from this as it ranks fourth in the world in this field. In addition, operating in this country provides easy access to the growth market of Central and Eastern Europe and the German market, as well as opportunities to earn profits due to Germany's location in the heart of Europe.

Global player in export

Germany is the third largest exporting country after China and the USA. It is a first-class business location, as evidenced by foreign investment of 469 billion Euros.

Infrastructure gives you time and profit

In the heart of Europe, Germany is number one in the logistics business. It has an excellent energy and communications network combined with a dense transport sinfrastructure. This opens the way for easy and timely deliveries thanks to shorter routes.

Tax rates turn in favor of the entrepreneur

Thanks to a comprehensive reform, corporate income tax and apportionment costs in Germany have been significantly reduced. This gives the country a strong lead over Japan, the USA, Canada, Italy and France and offers investors new opportunities.

Offers a high living standards

Germany is a cosmopolitan country that offers its inhabitants a high quality of life and a safe place to live. The areas of health, sports and leisure, landscape and culture are examples of why Germany has been chosen as the center of life by more than seven million people.

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Importance of Immigration Law for investment in Germany

Immigration Law is aimed at foreigners seeking to live permanently in Germany and deals with the requirements for obtaining the right of residence in Germany.

For foreign investors, this area is a phase that we can define as essential at the beginning of business life. This is because who can enter and live in Germany, have better access to the benefits of investing in Germany. In this context, "Commercial Immigration Law" or in other words "Business Immigration" has become a fundamental issue in the context of Turkish-German Law and economic relations in recent years.

For investors who want to become active in Germany, two issues are closely related: Residence rights of company owners and their families and the requirements for the starting a business life in Germany, i.e. establishing a new company or branch office.


An insight into German and Turkish culture

German Culture

  • Direct communication is more often applicable

  • Gestures and facial expressions are used comparably less

  • Long-term plans are made more often

  • Distance between Communicators is relatively farther

  • Topics are often discussed one after the other

  • Speech pace is slower

Turkish Culture

  • Indirect communication style is more often applicable

  • Gestures and facial expressions are used more often

  • Short-term plans are made more often

  • Distance between Communicators is relatively closer

  • Many topics can be discussed at the same time

  • Speech pace is faster

German Culture

  • Employees expect to be involved in decisions

  • Employees have more initiative and responsibility in performing their tasks

  • Individuality is in the foreground

  • Relatively smaller salary differences in the same workplace

  • Professional competence has the priority in professional cooperation

Turkish Culture

  • Hierarchy and taking instructions are more in the foreground

  • Assigned tasks tend to be clear and detailed

  • Harmony is more valued in the group

  • Relatively larger salary differences in the same workplace

  • Personal charecteristics have the priority  as much as professional competence

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In which areas is it more advantageous to invest in Germany?

Germany is considered one of the most suitable markets in the following industries:

  • Automotive industry and mechanical and plant engineering
  • Chemical industry
  • Energy and environmental technology
  • Electronics and microtechnology industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Logistics industry
  • Medical technology and medical biotechnology
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

In addition, the field of invention and discovery continues to shape the entire economy today. Germany is at the top of the global patent rankings; only the USA and China have a higher patent density.


Limited Liability Company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) in Germany

Due to the simplicity of its formation and structure, a GmbH is considered the most suitable legal form for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to limit the risk of their activities to the capital invested in Germany. The risk of loss is limited and can be replaced by a calculable prospect of profit. The shareholders are involved in the GmbH with their share capital. A smaller form of this, the Corporate Company, basically offers investors the opportunity to participate in economic life with less capital.

Stock Corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) in Germany

The legal form of the Stock Corporation is regulated by the German Stock Corporation Act. This form of company is more attractive to investors aiming for large economic activities. It contains the legal bases required for international business relationships.

Branch Office (Zweigniederlassung) in Germany

In addition to the possibility of founding a company in Germany, the establishment of a new location (Branch Office) can also be considered. It does not have a legal personality separate from the company. It is legally and organizationally part of the the company's main office.

Selling online to Germany

Foreign companies can sell their goods directly online via internet-based stores to Germany. One of the most important requirements is that the company registers for tax purposes in Germany.


We are here for you!

As BAŞKAN  Tax Consultancy, we have been advising investors in Germany on legal and tax issues for many years. We are happy to help you make the differences between the two cultures an advantage rather than an obstacle in your participation in business.

Our frequently requested services are:

  • Company formation
  • Acquisitions and sales of companies
  • Restructuring
  • Processing of accounting and tax returns
  • Assistance with tax audits
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We offer you competent and customized support for the foundation of your company.


Special Knowledge From Different Branches

BAŞKAN Tax Consultancy is your tax consultant in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Our tax consulting firm advises tradesmen, freelancers, private individuals as well as small, medium-sized and internationally active companies in the Berlin area and furthermore, through our partners in Istanbul, also in Turkey. As a tax consulting firm, we attach great importance to detailed and individual advice. We offer a holistic consultation to all financial topics and offer thereby an unbureaucratic and fast completion of all assignments.

Thanks to the diversity of our team, our clients benefit from experience and specialized knowledge from various industries. This high standard of reliable and sustainable support for our clients is also expressed in the fact that we work closely with cooperation partners in the fields of law and management. In this way, we help our clients to achieve economic success and support them in their personal development.


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